Comic Con Sketches

Kept the sketchbook by my side at all times, and sketched a bit, especially when sitting in on the panels. After meeting so many artists and seeing what they've been working on, I left so inspired. A small sample of all the people I met:

Originally my plan was to ask all the artists to draw me Penises dressed as cowboys, but that seemed a bit crude, so I adjusted it to Penis's doing human actions. I liked the thought of quality artists filling my sketchbook with something straight out of Superbad. In the end, I modified the phrasing to ask for any anthropomorphized body part, which is far classier. The reaction fell into two categories-one, I'm too big of an artists so you get the same 5 second scrawl I give everyone. Or two, I know how to draw wonder woman. Would you like Wonder Woman? What about Wonder Woman? Spiderman perhaps?
This was a category 2.
Watching Warren Ellis outshine all the others on the Panel, dedicated to the art, not knowing or caring what the fans think. Brilliant man.
Scott Brick, inspiring me to do some audio book work.
During the lecture, his wife took a picture of me drawing him, and afterwords I got him to sign it. He was pumped, and got a picture of the two of us with me holding up the sketch. It was fun learning about this whole world of audio book recording.

The moderator for Scott Brick, however, not so good. It was like she was on some really awkward first date. "So what books do you like? Who's you're favorite character? You know, I've seen you're website." Good for you lady. I imagine Jeff Goldsmith spoiled me to all other interviewers.
Random sketch of mine.
Bill Plympton pulling out a Category 1.
Brom doing the same.

I hesitate to send this post to Scott Brick. It does contain the words "Penis Cowboy." On the other hand, I have no plans of censoring myself, and I've never been one for pure professional contacts. I hope he likes the scans of the pics.