Comic Con, Nerding it up with Style

Some pics, in no particular order from Comic Con. I'm still sorting out all the craziness that happened these last couple days. One thing I know, I could have taken far more pictures.

Tamar choosing between Red or Blue hat-some choices are impossibly hard.

Giant Robots!

Stranger Comics drawing a crowd. (The company that works out of the Filmworks Office, of whom I'm friends with all around)

Ray guns. Backgrounds. Damsel in distress. 'nuff said.
I'm m'f'professional, y'all
LARP. Oh my. And these are simply the limited costumes I did take pictures of.

The LARP warranted a few pics.
That scary guy, from that know-that movie. And me. And Panina.
Booth Babes.
What I bought (all in the last 10 minutes of Con when it was on Stupid Discount.)
Me and Golem statue at WETA.

In the future I'll just post these on Facebook, but figured I planned on a number of Comic Con posts, so might as well start with the fun on the floor.