More Sketches

At some point, I'll stop posting all my sketches here, and make the move back to where I used to keep my sketchbook. That way there will be more of a community feedback feel, and my blog can focus on other endeavors. Until I get around to that, you get to keep seeing what I cook up sketch-wise each week. Enjoy. The first one is a one minute sketch. The rest are 10 or 20.

The big risk I took here is I went for charcoal, and for the first time successfully pulled it off. I not only went for charcoal, I also held it the way you're supposed to which made for much more lyrical lines. As opposed to holding it like you would a writing pen, I did the method where shading becomes second nature because it's already on the edge.
Next time I'll need to make sure I have a bunch of charcoal sharpened and lined up. This week, I lost the edge, and had to just barrel forward.
I had a lot of fun with thinking of the core shadows - I need to spend much more time working with anatomy and volume of the hand and proportions/anatomy of the legs. Feet are also a lost cause right now.
In the end, it's a matter of quality practice and continuing to draw.