A Jewish artistic improvisor's guide to Los Angeles


If you’re a Jewish artistic improvisor living on the west side of LA, here’s a guide to some of the best events going on around town. The best places to draw are: Dr. Sketchy’s (every other Sunday night) Drink and Draw (Thursday night) YWCA in Santa Monica (Tuesday night)

The Gallery Openings worth attending are: Gallery Nucleus Merry Karonowsky Billy Shire

The best places for improv are: iO West (Groups to catch: USS Rock n Roll, Sweetness, King Ten, Dasariski, and Beer Shark Mice and many others) UCB (Groups to catch: Convoy, Last day of School, Shitty Jobs, Facebook, Assscats or just about anything else.) Westside (Specifically Monday & Thursday nights at 10, partially due to the fact that I perform on Monday nights, but also because it’s a good show.)

For the Conservadox Jews, your best bets are: PicoEgal (younger) Ikar (hippier) BDJ (modern orthodoxyier) Beth Am (conservative learned-er)

To find concerts use SonicLiving. It scans your iTunes library and sends you emails or creates a calendar based on what artists you like.

While it’s possible I’m the only person this list helps, I’d like to believe there’s 100’s of Jewish artistic improvisors out there who were waiting for a list just like this.

For more events, I suggest my old roommates site: http://www.rentfoodbroke.com.

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