After David After Dentist

After reading how the David after Dentist family earned $150,000 from the video, I couldn't resist the temptation of figuring out the only logical way for it all to end.


After making the hit youtube sensation “David After the Dentist” where David, drugged up on nitrous oxide says how he feels in the most lovable of ways, his dad, the creator was surprised and delighted to watch the view count pass 60 million. He knew there was money in 60 million followers, so he quit his job as a real estate agent to dedicate himself to this hilarious video full time. He set up a blog, sold t-shirts, put up some ads, and was able to rack up about $150,000 from it all, He wasn’t able to maintain the momentum and “David after the Dentist” started to feel more and more like a one hit wonder. He didn’t want it to go away, so he started creating new content.

The first videos were just his 8 year old kid, David, telling short jokes. For obvious reasons those didn’t get the number of hits as the first one. So he decided to start drugging his kid and taking him on car rides on a weekly basis. At first audiences were appalled by the idea, but when they saw just how adorable each of the installments were, they loosened up.

While the first video had David saying such lines as “I didn’t feel anything” and “I feel funny” later installments became darker with David, in a drugged out state saying things like, “Why do we have to keep doing this? You've destroyed my childhood. You're the worst father. I want you to die.” as his dad yelled at him, “Shut up and be cute. We need this money.” In later videos David was completely unconscious as other people moved him around as a puppet. While not the fervor of the original, these also gathered quite a view count.

As David grew older the cute factor got old so they had to resort to more and more extreme measures. David after Heroine, David after PCP, and David after E were all big hits. His popularity waned for a while but had a huge boost when he got into cutting himself and defecating in public places.

Now David can be seen on the corner of 5th Avenue and K street panhandling for change, camera in hand, waiting for his next big moment to hit.

HumorJeremy Shuback