The Reason I Blog

Quality is a direct experience independent of and prior to intellectual abstractions.

-Robert M. Pirsig

I’m ready to give this blog a focus.

It’s a channel to inspire others as I inspire myself. It’s my look into the creation process of different forms of art - writing, design, painting, drawings, animation, motion graphics and improv. The focus is on the deeper principles that unite them rather then the minutia that sets them apart.

What’s the best process to improve an art? How can I break it down to a science? How do they all relate?

How do I approach art so I grow as a person, and how do I approach myself so I grow as an artist? By answering that, craftsmanship falls into place.

Every post will be about the creative process. They’ll start with a finished product, and lead up to how I got there. The finish can be a sketch, a painting, a website, a design, an improv show, or a short story.

I won’t focus on quantity, only publishing when I feel I have something to offer. However, the only way to reach a place of quality is by publishing as often as possible. My ideal is a post a day. On the horizon is a series of websites, a series of illustrations to complement some stories, and a motion graphics reel. None of these will be quick. The blog is here to inspire me and push me forward.

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.


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