6 Month Anniversary

For my 6 month anniversary with Robyn I made her a painting. It turned out decent, but I'd prefer if it looked much less like a copy of the photograph. It would take darkening the darks and a better handle of the anatomy not only in the pencil stage, but also in the painting stage. I had less then a day to start and finish it, so it ended up as so. I got the present done in time, even if I would have liked to push it much further. As a note, I had the steps of the penciling scanned and in a doc, but photoshop quit before I could save. Hopefully you'll excuse me for not remembering to save it out sooner and showing you the step by step of how this was made.

I managed some very loose strokes, but you need to zoom in to really see that, so here's a close up.
And for the sake of seeing the difference between our two eyes:
But, alas, I forgot a card.