PicoEgal Pic

Yesterday I put together the PicoEgal site, and spent some time figuring out what to do for the graphic on top. I did silhouettes of a bunch of people praying, and wanted to post what came out of it here. I wanted to shoot the photographs myself, but remembered I had left my tallis at Shtibl. Oops. Instead I used images I found online, figuring I'm changing them enough to make them unique. I really need to study up on the level of what is and isn't permissible cause once I start getting pictures anywhere I could be in real trouble if I'm not using my own photographs. Here's the series I did.

That last one is especially looking of a copy of a photograph. This just being a blog I'll continue showing all of my crap rather then the best of the best found in the gallery on my site. I imagine you're all right with that.

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