Tree Village Painting

I did a tutorial showing my process for making the the tree village piece a while back. The problem with Collage is it takes a while, and no matter how much I change everything around, it's still not painting, too close to copying and pasting. What it ends up as is original, but painting is that much fresher. I'm getting to a place where I can combine both. This picture isn't there yet, but it's getting closer.

The final step of the painting was adding that guy in the window. I drew for a while, and then started painting up some of the sketches I had done. This continued my desire to get better at skin tones. Here's the full page of the painted sketches:

Zooming in on a couple of parts, I thought of it as a cartoony section:

I tried that, but preferring something more realistic, I did a sketch of the sketch first (story of my life):

Then I painted what I ended up using:
I was very happy how these turned out. Each figure is about an inch and a half, and the skin tones on the guy I ended up using really seemed to work.