Treasures from Michigan

Returning home last week, other then heading to a wedding, getting together with friends (some people are easier to link out to then others...I'm pretty sure not both of those links are dead on), biking about, and hanging out with the folks (scrabble score: 413), I managed to take a couple of things back with me. Other then my TMNT and He-Man action figures, mainly in an effort to keep up with Andrew's desk, I also took back this inking I did. I would have simply scanned it in, in Michigan, but we don't have a scanner, and I figure a lousy snapshot isn't good enough.

At the time I hated the piece, knowing I could do better. I still know I can do better, but this was done in that summer in limbo post graduating and before moving to New York. I was trying to do at least one piece a day. Most of them were pretty unremarkable, but I like this one, so I'm posting it. It inspires me to do more of the sort.

It came out of either my "Draw Me" or "Paint Me" folder. I have two folders in my Pictures directory, one for photographs I want to draw, and the other of photographs I want to paint. Most of these are photographs I've taken myself, but some are pieces by artists I'd like to learn from, or remarkable photographs by others I'd like to take a stab at drawing. They're there as practice pieces for the most part, and I love doing them.