Rediscovering Jackson

Caricature by Sebastian Krüger, the most talented caricaturist alive.

It's hard to take three steps in the current climate without hearing the latest about either the situation of Jackson's death or a tribute to his life. I was at a wedding back in Michigan when it happened, and about an hour in the rumor started floating around. Any event like this is usually an island of information, but before dinner had started, everyone knew. Some news has a way of sweeping around. Of all the pieces I read and heard, this article stuck out in both it's honesty and respect towards the man. From the article:

Michael Jackson may very well have been the most talented performer of his generation, but for 15 years that fact has been lost to a generation who may remember him only as a grotesque caricature who liked to share his bed with little boys. Now that he’s gone, maybe it’s time to shelve the suspicions and appreciate the music.

The article mainly focuses on his final years, his inability to sing at the very end, and how everyone knew a 50 stop tour would kill him. I was in 4th grade 15 years ago, and pretty solidly fall into that generation of grotesque caricature. It's nice to see that, at least in death, people aim to focus on the good.

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