The Christian Right is Ruining Religion for the rest of us

I'm Jewish, and I'm proud of it. With that said, I happen to agree with the vast majority of what Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins, and Christopher Hitchens say. I disagree with their take on God, obviously, but completely agree with their view of the sciences, evolution, the right human behavior and all that hoohah. Fact is, you can't debate my variety of religion, as its core relies on "anything provable or disprovable has nothing to do with what my faith is based on." 99% of what they're spitting on is directed at the Christian right, and it's not hard to tell why. Below is a non-ironic response to the top ten grossing indie movies in 2008 by Doug Phillips:


  1. “Fireproof,” $33,063,487
    A film that honors Christ and reinforces biblical marriage.

  2. “Vicky Cristina Barcelona,” $22,749,000
    A film glorifying fornication, murder, and homosexuality.

  3. “Slumdog Millionaire,” $19,661,000
    A movie containing extreme violence, drug use, and profanity.

  4. “The Duchess,” $13,848,978
    An immoral film containing profanity and explicit sexual scenes.

  5. “Milk,” $13,597,000
    A pro-sodomite film which mocks Christianity and defends radical homosexuality.

  6. “Religulous,” $13,011,160
    A work of anti-Christian bigotry which attacks faith, the Gospel, and organized religion.

  7. “Under the Same Moon,” $12,590,147
    A defense of illegal immigration.

  8. “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day,” $12,313,694
    This movie includes theft, nudity, and fornication.

  9. “Rachel Getting Married,” $10,018,000
    This movie contains strong profanity, drug use, and immorality.

  10. “The Visitor,” $9,427,089

Here's an article on a Bible-Dispensing Family Arrested At Pride Festival, which has to be one of the most hilarious varieties of non-violent protest I've heard of.

Josh Foster, over Shavuot, delivered a fantastic talk on how Jews, statistically, are more liberal than the average atheists, and that gave me faith in our religion. I'll chase him down for the link to those statistics as it's a great read.

Anyhow, like the title says- the Christian Right is giving us other religions a bad name and I'm sick of it.