Copying the masters in an attempt to get better at this whole digital painting thing. I did these all a while ago, and am feeling much more confident painting on the computer now. These were a huge help, each one taking afew hours.
Copying a piece by John Collier, if I recall.
This and the next few were originally done by Gregory Manchess, a brilliant artist I first heard about when he came to give a demonstration and speech and Syracuse. He talked about the attention he gave before doing every stroke. Certainly an approach I have much to learn from.
The original piece is simply brilliant.
Again, do chase down Gregory Manchess as these are all copying those paintings. I take no credit for these. They're simply studies.
Like it says in the pic, I had refined the whole piece, but I upload it in it's unfortunate state.
Looking forward to uploading some of my own work, but I like admitting the range I take on.
This last one was copying James Bennet. All of the original pieces are drawn from a promotional book I took out when I was working for Richard Solomon. A couple more posts on copying, and then back to the originality fray I like to play in.