Sick of Photo Ref

In the Vilppu class we drew from a model, but I started depending too much on photo ref for my pieces at home. They looked like they were from photographs as I didn't take the time to understand the time to understand what's going on underneath. In an effort to avoid my big projects at hand and some of the very important lessons I need to master (anatomy, still...oy vey) I started to do some still lives.

This is still watercolor, but I caked in on so thick it might of well have been acylics. Watercolor is the much harder medium as there's no going back. When something spontaneous happens with it it's incredible, but it can't be forced and going back and forth between lights and darks is not an option.

Drawing from life was great for me, reminding me of the intricacies of color and opening my eyes to the right type of observation.