I did a couple other still lives, but nothing I was too happy with. I did one with a few bottles, and another with flowers. I proved to myself the importance of going back to basics and of setting up the composition beforehand (mainly by failing miserably at the other still lives). I returned to painting from photo ref with this piece. For better or worse I felt I needed to force the watercolor in this painting, giving it quite the opposite look of the painting below of my Grandma. Below I have the evolution of the pencil drawings for anyone interested.

While I normally don't show the reference, I thought I'd make an exception in this case. Here's the progressive sketches. I decided to cheat with this pic, scanning in each sketch to see how close it was to the photo. Normally I don't do that, but in the interest of speed short of projecting it up (my prefered cheating method) this is almost as good.

Why John Kerry you might ask. Why not?