Forest matte

So here's the last one. By this point I was feeling much better about my manipulating abilities, and I really want to start working on more mattes again. I've taken a bit of a hiatus from matte painting, honing my compositing skills and whatnot. I have done some much more professional yet also more subdued mattes for City of Ember. They're almost completely hidden, so it was nice being in the lime light for this much smaller production. I can say there's at least a minute and a half of this movie with my mattes as the background, and I really appreciate the way my coworkers and boss were able to bring out the best in me for these even if they were all done in a fairly restrained time frame.

Image Given. I was told to turn it into more of a jungle from 100 million years ago.

This attempt didn't include enough of a hill or give room for the T-Rex to stomp through so...

I ended with this. I really had my process down by this last matte, although looking at it now months and months later the colors and tone seem far too uniform. What I'm getting at is I need to start doing more of these cause I think I might have a knack in this area.