Five Minute Sketches - Part 4

Final installment in this five minute sketches run. All of these are in charcoal and done stupid quick. I dare say, it shows. The bride/groom theme was explained in the last post, so I'm not going over it again.
Ah, my classic horse face. I'm good at those.
Despite the skewing, I liked this.
Feels free. Still need so much work on hands. Also, has a very flat feel. I need a better feeling of volume in these. That's largely due to my willy nilly way of throwing lines around.

You'd think I'd also post the good'd be wrong.
The most unique thing about this one was my attempt to get into the habit of signing my work. It's a nice thought.

The bride looked a bit too much like she did in the photograph. I dare say, not a good thing, but who am I to judge?

I'd love if this blog consisted of posts entirely like these last four. It's not going to happen, and I'll continue posting whatever I please, but I was very happy with these for 2 day's worth of output.