5 Minute Sketches - Part 3

So one of the reasons I was doing all of these sketches was to prep for a wedding I'd been hired to sketch at. I was very honored, and aware that I'd have no more then fifteen minutes to get a good drawing out. I needed to make sure I could do it. With that said, I decided to draw a bunch of wedding couples to see that I could capture the emotion, the likeness, and more then anything make sure to stop making female faces look too manly, and all faces less grimacing, a tendency I have.
Also I was experimenting with using charcoal. There's a bit less control, but the end result speaks for itself. It's much more free.

Same face drawn twice. Not ecstatic with the second, but a whole lot better then the first.
Struggling to get a grip on charcoal.
More struggling with charcoal.
Starting to get more of a feel for charcoal.
Faces are a bit elongated, but I like it.
One of the pieces I would have loved to have spent more time on.

Starting to dig the charcoal.
To be fair, the bride was not that great of a looker in the first place. With that said, it's my job to fix that.
I felt I really got the expression with this one.
A bit dark, tried the technique of erasing out the parts I wanted from a sheet covered in charcoal. It was fun. Didn't work out quite as expected, but not a complete loss.

This man could eat her head in a single bite with the size of his mouth.
After doing all of these I got an itch to spend a nice long time on a single image. Something to look forward to in a future post.
What? Full body? Not just shoulders and head? Pure madness. Pure madness
A quick dip into ink.
Pencil. Boo ya. I can do a likeness with the expression. Good times.
I was happy with this one, even if it's a prime example of me attempting a piece and taking no risks. At some point I'll start focusing on not wasting a single line.
One of the first charcoals I attempted.
Decided I was getting sick of pencil around this piece. It turned out all right, it's just pencil wasn't forcing me to challenge myself with every stroke.
Still need work with my quicky pen and inks.