Caught in Wordpress Hell

I’m convinced everyone who installs wordpress, and isn’t a professional web designer, goes through exactly the same hell I just endured. Here’s the sum up:

After spending the last 4 months teaching classes on how to use Social Media to help businesses, I figured I should actually get my own act together online. I like my old site, but it was time to move on. I assumed it would take about a day and a half, but I have a tendency to underestimate by a factor of ten. Which is to say, I’m entering the third 12 hour day, and fully plan on dedicating another two or three before I’m close to done. This factor of ten thing destroys me at times.

I gutted my site and installed a wordpress backend. It’s the first time my personal site is using a template, and I don’t regret it for a second. It’s the content that matters, and for $35 it was worth it.

Why not take the free route? Three reasons.

  • Fewer sites will use it.
  • David, the theme creator, provides fantastic support.
  • It’s only $35. I can handle that.

David has responded to everything posted on the support forum within 20 hours. He’s absolutely fantastic, and that alone made it worth it.

I’m still uploading content and figuring out exactly how to structure all of this, but I’m excited to have an online identity where everything is finally tied together.

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