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Videos I Narrated

Here are a few of the videos I directed and also narrated myself. These were all done while working at BimBam.

I ended up directing a video on each of the Jewish holidays. This one was the first, and served as a template for the rest. I decided to narrate it myself, as it seemed easier than hiring an outside actor. We shot in the Youtube space down in LA, and went there for a series of sessions over the subsequent months for future videos. The other times we grabbed actors, but as a first foray in shooting in a studio, it was nice to know I could mostly trust myself to get the acting done. Notably, I was in good hands with Mark Melamut's script to guide me.

Recorded in the same session as Chanukah, this was the first successful video I made combining live action with animation. The animation is bare bones, the motion graphics are just barely passable, and frankly the green screen could have been removed a bit better. Despite all that, things I'd do far better now, the video holds up due to a solid script presented at a fun pace.

This piece was a lot of fun, as on top of narrating it and doing the motion graphics, I spent a while researching nice Ketubahs and getting in touch with various artists to see if I could use them in the piece.