Tefillah Series

Videos on Jewish Prayer, recorded in a single day

These were made with relatively small budgets, and a relatively awesome set of Rabbis in Chicago.


Wrote and narrated this myself to show at the live one day session with the Rabbis, to show as an example of what we were looking to make.

I had fun coming up with a super simple visual style for these motion graphics, as the first step in the video asks the viewer to close their eyes.

For some reason, I decided nothing says Pesukei D’Zimra like an 80’s motif.

We did two shoots. One at a local Jewish high school and the other at an Orthodox synagogue. In an ideal world, we could have done two or three more locations, but I don’t live in that world.


Stu Sufrin animated the two pieces above. As an observant Jew and an incredible animator, he’s an absolute pleasure to work with on these.


Jeanne Stern animated the three above. The Kaddish is my favorite of the set. Jeanne is a long time collaborator and I was happy to get to work with her on these.


Old Videos

Directed these in 2012 - 2014. Jeanne Stern animated.


I did this back in 2013 with Jeanne Stern. It was the first piece I finished at BimBam, and while I’ve come a long way from here, it was a fun place to start.


Really fun narrator to work with and direct.

I never thought I’d ever learn so much about the 50+ steps involved with ancient Jewish priest’s sacrifices. Really, not a subject that had crossed my mind.


This is one of a few pieces that I made in both Hebrew and English. Localization skills? Apparently something I can do.

The four pieces below are also illustrated and animated by Jeanne Stern. She’s been an absolutely amazing partner in crime on all of these.