Shaboom! Director Reel Breakdown

:00 - Song in Background - Theme song to the show, created by Eric Breiner.

:00 - :22 - Clips - From various episodes of Shaboom! a series I directed, that teaches important values to kids aged 4-7.

:25 & 1:05 Story Reel / Final - Both clips from episode Get Along Gang. These are examples of what my finished story reels look like when I pass them to the animation team. I pick through the actors lines, time them out, add in temporary sound effects and music. Then, based on that, I time out the story reels, making tweaks to the boards as needed. Usually it involves a few rounds with the storyboard artist and management. Steven Knudsen illustrated these storyboards.

1:17 - Clip from episode, Hero Heart. Storyboard illustrations in this sequence by Inki Cho.

1:36 - Music by Eric Breiner, used as background in episode with a house flooding sequence

1:54 - Clip from episode, Great Miracles


2014 Animation Producer + Director Reel

I produced all of these shorts for BimBam.

Shot Breakdown

0:00 - The Valley -

Part of the Psalms Project, an international competition where I got hundreds of Jewish Musicians and Poets to submit their own interpretation of one of the psalms. I facilitated a class on the subject, a trailer video, spent a long time recruiting, helped judge, and then hired a different animator for each of the winning entries. For this piece, I created a thumbnail storyboard that the animator went off of. The music was a completed piece, submitted as part of the competition.

0:11 - Deborah's Army -

Part of The Book of Judges series. For this, and subsequent shorts in the series, I worked with the writer, found and recorded the voice actors, edited and timed out their lines, and hired on the animators, the composer and the sound designer.

Additionally managed the budget and timeline (but that's every project).

The animator for this piece was still a student, and I worked with her over her summer break to get this to the level of quality needed for the finished piece.

0:16 - Samson: The Final Judge -

Part of the Book of Judges series. Hired the animator after seeing his independent short, Samurai Jew, and then worked with him over a long period to make sure this came out as good as possible. He made it his own, taking on the directing role.

0:39 - Sacred Guardian -

Part of The Psalms Project. The music piece came in completed, and I gave the animator as much freedom as possible. This was one of the smoothest developments of anything I helped create. The trick in this one was simply finding the right people and trusting them.

0:49 - Before I Lost My Hair -

Part of the Psalms Project. Rerecorded the poem and hired and worked with the musician for the background music. Hired this local animator and worked with him to create his first independent short after college.

0:58 - Where is Your God? -

Part of the Psalms Project. After recording the poet and working with the musician, I illustrated this myself and then worked with two animators for the animation. One for the rotoscope painted hands, and another for the moving pages of illustrations (not seen in this short clip).

1:13 - Gideon's Victory Lap -

Part of The Book of Judges series. On top of working with the writer, animator, and composer, the real challenge of this piece was working with the sound designer and getting the audio locked down.

1:19 - Ehud's Dark Left Turn -

Part of The Book of Judges series. In addition to the challenges listed above, working with the composer to land on a background song for this piece was a fun challenge.

1:25 - Samson: The Final Judge

1:31 - Gideon's Victory Lap