The Psalms Project


Project Brief: Ran a contest, ending in four animated pieces.


Directed and illustrated this piece


My Role: Project manager. Directed one piece. Produced other three.


Running the Contest


Here’s a behind the scenes video, for a better sense of my process.


Scouting Talent


Second piece in the Psalms Project

I spent a lot of time in my first year at BimBam creating a database of artists to work with down the road.

With hundreds of artists categorized into multiple sections, it laid the foundation for nearly everyone I ultimately ended up hiring for years.  


Third video in the series

Later, I ended up using private boards on Pinterest to showcase the different artists, as a more visual way to approach who best to hire. And eventually I moved to almost entirely referrals.


The fourth video

My hiring process continues to evolve, and I’m happy to spend a significant amount of time on this step, so everything goes smoothly later in the process.


Managing the Production

How it was made

I directed & illustrated this piece myself as part of the larger four part series. I then directed two animators, Andrew Lewitin and Neville McKinnie, to help make it come alive.


Rather than just showing a few images, here’s a video showing my full process.



Initial Thumbnails

Initial Thumbnails


Some of the illustrations I made for this piece.

Some of the illustrations I made for this piece.



GIFs from Psalm 42

GIFs from Psalm 42

These pieces, while not nearly as polished as my more recent works, continue to hold a place in my heart, as in no uncertain terms, they’re art. Not explainer videos. Not a children’s cartoon. But rather, artistic visions of each of the poems and songs. I hope they continue to push others to keep creating and finding inspiration wherever possible.