On Mourning


This is part of a five part series on Jewish mourning rituals that I wrote and directed at BimBam. It’s one of my few pieces that’s left people in tears. While the mourning series is just four pieces, I directed a much larger group of videos, nearly fifty, all about Judaism 101 - from What is a Bar Mitzvah to A Jewish Guide to Divorce. While I have many favorite videos from the set, this one continues to stand out.

Through videos like this one, I helped increase the company’s views by 1,800% over five years.


Tammy Chang

Editor and Sound Mixing
Jeremy Shuback

John Cavanagh

Key Script Advisor
David Zinner

Jeremy Shuback

Executive Producer
Sarah Lefton

Written by
Jeremy Shuback

Character Designer & Storyboards
Jeanne Stern

Rick Acosta