I produced this at BimBam.

Scoring by Ben Bromfield and voice acting by RatanaThomScott, and Rolland, among others.

Nadav Nachmany directed this piece.

Samson: The Final Judge


I produced a four part series about The Book of Judges, hiring a different animator for each piece to get a fun variety of styles. On top of editing the story reels, I was in charge of hiring and managing the entire team, including the actors, animators, musicians and sound mixer.

This has gone on to become BimBam’s highest viewed video.


Ben Bromfield

Sound Engineering
Nan Hu

Thom Zelenka
Ratana Therakulsathit
Rob Jackson
Scott Hennelly
Trevor Allen
Rolland Lopez

Executive Producer
Sarah Lefton

Producer / Casting / Editor
Jeremy Shuback

Animation Director
Nadav Nachmany

Nadav Nachmany
Dror Shpatz