I produced this at BimBam.

Scoring by Ben Bromfield and voice acting by RatanaThomScott, and Rolland, among others.

Nadav Nachmany directed this piece.

Samson: The Final Judge


I produced a four part series for BimBam, with each piece meant to have a distinct style. Here’s what the other three looked like.

For each piece, I helped edit the scripts and hired/managed the team (Credits below).

Working with a Tiny Budget

To keep the budget down, I hired students on their summer breaks as animators, on the other pieces and old actor friends to do the voices. I hired a friend’s boyfriend for the music and a recent grad to do the SFX and mixing. Finding the right people who could pull it off on budget, was a massive undertaking involving a database of hundreds of artists.

Notably, Nadav Nachmany, who directed Samson, was incredibly independent. He had just finished directing Samurai Jew and it felt like a perfect fit. He took this on as a passion project, despite the incredibly low budget. This has gone on to become BimBam’s highest viewed video. Here are some clips:


Ben Bromfield

Sound Engineering
Nan Hu

Thom Zelenka
Ratana Therakulsathit
Rob Jackson
Scott Hennelly
Trevor Allen
Rolland Lopez

Executive Producer
Sarah Lefton

Producer / Casting / Editor
Jeremy Shuback

Animation Director
Nadav Nachmany

Nadav Nachmany
Dror Shpatz