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Jewish Mourning Rituals

While most subjects I only cover for a minute or two, I spent twelve whole minutes on this and am incredibly proud of how much I packed in.

This five part series is my best effort to teach as much as possible about the Jewish mourning process and the rituals involved.

I directed, produced, and wrote this series at BimBam.

The death of a loved one is a very disorienting time, and isn’t something many people think about until it’s actually happening to them. Understanding some of the traditions and the structured periods of mourning that Judaism offers may help provide some support in the grieving process.

In Judaism, traditions around death have two purposes - to comfort the living, and to show respect for the dead. Understanding some of the more nuanced Jewish traditions and rituals for caring for a body before the funeral may help provide some support in a grieving process.
The word for funeral in Judaism is levaya, which means accompanying. To accompany a person to their final resting place is an act of love and kindness for both the deceased and their family and this video explains a few of the Jewish practices to expect.

A short guide to what to expect at a Jewish shiva, and how to support a friend in mourning.

Learn to say the Mourners Kaddish - Jewish Prayer of Mourning - with this simple karaoke style video that combines the original Aramaic, a simple transliteration and the English translation. The Kaddish is in Aramaic, not Hebrew, except for the last sentence.