Jeremy Shuback

1000 BCE

How did Judaism get its Name?


500 BCE

Why is the Temple Mount so Controversial?

  • Starts/ends with brief overview of current political situation. Doesn’t answer any questions. Simply gives context.

  • Covers the Persians, Temples in this period, Cyrus the great

  • A summary of post destruction and dips into Muslim history. 

73 - 75 CE

Masada: A Window into Modern Israel



132 – 135 CE

Bar Kochba: The Worst Jewish Hero Ever




 300 BCE – 1st Century CE

Who Wrote the Bible?

  • The Great Assembly

  • The JEPD

  • Rabbinical view vs. Academic Opinions

  • Orthodox vs. Reform’s relation to the Bible

1st – 4th Century

Ancient Jewish Rabbis: A three minute primer

  • Historical context for Rabbis in Babylon and Rome

  • Potential to discuss Rabbi’s changing role over time

  • Could keep as straight forward informational piece, as there’s so much here.

 6th – 18th Century

How did Anti-Semitism Begin? Parts 1 & 2

  • Potentially covers Jewish jobs throughout history and relations with Muslims and Christians. 

  • This piece is currently set for ten minutes total. Could potentially expand into more parts.

8th Century

The Forgotten Jewish Empire: The Kingdom of Khazar

Talks about Khazar in relation to greater Byzantine empire.

Also discusses migration of the Jewish people in a broader context and how the center of Judaism moved from place to place depending on the century.

10th – 12th Century

Judaism and the Crusades        

Christianity and anti-Semitism continued

11th Century

Rashi: The Rabbi who started “Modern” Rabbinic Commentary

In addition to discussing Rashi, also discusses how Judaism changed under Christian rule.

11th Century

How Maimonides Modernized Judaism

Looking at Maimonides as a way to better understand the Jewish golden age in Spain under Muslim rule.

 13th – 15th Century

What is Kabbalah? How Jewish Mysticism Began


16th Century

The Jews of Poland: A People Wiped Out

There’s a potential to do a few videos based on geography. Also, rather than focusing on the Holocaust, this would focus on what the culture was there before the Holocaust.

17th Century

Sabbatai Zevi: The False Messiah who almost brought down Judaism

  • Connects Kabbalah to Hasidic Judaism.

  • Potential to talk about Jacob Frank, reference Bar Khokhba, and deal with the concept of Messiahs in Judaism.

18th Century

Hasidic Judaism: How it Began


18th – 19th Century

Emancipation & Enlightenment: The Birth of Modern Judaism


19th Century

How Reform, Conservative & Orthodox Judaism Began


19th Century

How Judaism Reached America

  • Coming to America and the further growth of Reform and Conservative Judaism.

  • Lead up to emigrations before and during the Holocaust, bringing Orthodox into the fold.

19th Century

The Jews of Russia

Covering both the culture and the horrible persecutions.