Workshops & Classes

A collection of some of the classes I’ve taught both live and online.

Photoshop Crash Course

Over 38,000 students between three version (CS6, CC, and CC 2019)

Quotes on Course

“Most productive 4 hours of learning in my life”


"Great course. Jeremy does exactly what he says he was going to do to. Gets you up to speed in under 4 hours with as little overwhelm as possible. He's also hilarious in parts. A little humor goes a long way in teaching."

–Steffan A.

“wow, best tut I have ever seen”

-Romain M.

"I thought I'd be able to pick up Photoshop and figure it out on my own. I was waaay wrong. I bought a book...gave me a false sense of confidence when I actually sat down and tried to do stuff. Jeremy did a great job identifying the important stuff, and then explaining the high-level concepts and details help a person quickly become productive. Definitely worth the time and money."

–Joe M.

“I LOVE you. You are such a great teacher! And I love your sense of humor too! I'm almost halfway through. WOW You are a godsend.”

-I. Vi

Photo Editing on the Cheap

Over 27,000 Students on this mini-course, originally created to drive sales to the PS Crash Course.

“Jeremy does a superb job introducing the basic Pixelmator tools and he's funny, which is always a plus!”

-Kim A.

“The course was quick, but also really informative. The presenter has a good sense of pace, so the course is engaging from beginning to end.”

-Dave D.

Social Media Marketing

Taught live to over 1,000 students. 

Cities where I’ve taught workshops ( Interactive Map )

Cities where I’ve taught workshops (Interactive Map)

Taught a one day workshop in over fifty cities with attendees ranging from marketers for the US Air Force to marketers for Disney to small coffee shop owners.

Five Hour Workshop Curriculum

  • Thinking Strategically vs. Randomly Posting

  • Deeply understanding the Tools

  • How to Write for Social Media

  • Managing your Online Reputation

  • Using Analytics to help grow your Audience

Motion Design for Commercials

Taught one day workshops to a variety of companies, covering advanced motion-design techniques in After Effects.

On YouTube

Over 1.5 Million views of my Photoshop classes on YouTube.