Shaboom! Showrunner

Co-created the show & Directed each episode

Showcasing story reels next to the finished episodes below.


After the funder almost pulled out, I was promoted to direct the series and redid it from the ground up, which brought the funder back on board. I created a pitch book that ultimately turned into the show.


I edited each episode, and oversaw the pre-production, production, and post. On this page, I’m showing the story reels I timed, next to the final episodes.


Two artists illustrated the storyboards - Inki Cho and Steven Knudsen. Steven Knudsen also designed the characters.


I stretched the budget by hiring an overseas animation team, Regh Animation, a first for BimBam. They were absolutely incredible.


It’s now seen by thousands of children on a weekly basis.

Supplemental Videos

Some additional videos we made for Shaboom! to go along with the main narrative episodes.