Wedding Photos Sketched

This last week I've been drawing pretty consistently in an attempt to actually get good enough for anyone to want a comic by me. The sketches below are me warming up before starting on the book itself each day.
Debated which of 3 directions to post this one.

Just enough of a likeness to say "That looks nothing like them."
My favorite, by far. I'm very happy with how this turned out, and realize I should do this level of polish more often.
If all goes well, this is the style the comic will look like.
Amazing how different rotating a page can make it look.
That's all. And now I'm off to scan in Pages 2 & 3, edit them, and see if I can save them or have to start them over. Hopefully it'll be the former. Either way, I'm learning so much in doing this, and have no idea why it took so long.