Travel & Promenade Sketches

Instead of going to figure drawing this Tuesday, I did quick drawings out on the promenade, and sketched as a class show went on at the Westside Comedy Theater.
Gave this guy a couple dollars, then sketched while listening to him play for forty minutes. A lot of that time was spent drawing him. The good drawing I left in his tip jar. It was a nice sketchbook page-good lettering, fun arc, fantastic linework. Not like the quickie terrible drawing I'm posting here. You'll just have to take my word on it.
Drawing members of the show I watched. Two good class shows. Knew a good amount of people in both groups.
I guess there were a couple people peaking over my back while sketching at the show. I was happy with how the quick sketches came out.
First sketch when I got to the promenade-old guy that leaned against the tree nearly the entire time I sat there.
Trying to get better at the rib cage-getting the shape and volume of it is helping immensely with proportions of the torso.
Sketching away while in the midst of wedding fun.
More torso joy.
more wedding doodles
more of the same
This sketch was a breakthrough piece for me. It didn't turn out all that well, but I understood the fundamentals of placing multiple people in a room, and if given enough time knew exactly how to refine it. This was built out from the background to the foreground, closer to how I'm supposed to draw scenes.