The difference between getting to travel and having to travel


Friend"Oh you get to travel across the country for your job? That's awesome."

Me (2 years ago) "I know!!!!!"

Me (today) ""

On bad weeks there are 5 flights in 5 days, each with transfers, getting us in at midnight with just enough time to visit the airport, the hotel, and back again.

On good weeks it's one flight, with little more than a hundred miles between each city. We'll get to the next city at 6, and I'll get to do whatever I want in places as exciting as Lynchburg or Bakersfield.

And then there's the worst of them - local swings - in which I'm just close enough to home to not get put up in a hotel.

This next week?

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The week after? Pure living hell. Possibly the worst week of travel I've had in the last three years. View Larger Map

And the week after that? Free trip to Hawaii.

It sounds so much sexier if I just skip those first two maps.

Which is to say, there should be some good stories these next three weeks.

Thanks to Siekutera for the featured image of an Airport

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