Super Metroid and the iPhone


Sadly this is not an article about the game Super Metroid on the iPhone. That would be much more exciting for all of us. Rather, it’s an article on how, after resisting as long as was humanly possible, I finally broke down and joined the iPhone generation. Back in 1997, halfway into playing Super Metroid, I found an x-ray beam that when pointed at walls could reveal secret items and doors otherwise almost impossible to find. Up until that point, I had to look for slight hints to figure out where exactly the secret entrances / items were. After getting the beam, because I’m just that variety of OCD, I pointed it at everything, hoping to discover some incredibly well hidden secret.

After a few hours (read: weeks) I learned the game wasn’t that maniacal and the beam wasn’t needed and should almost never be used. I assumed there was a new standard they’d hold me up to now that I had an x-ray beam, but instead it was just a massive time waster.

I broke down on Friday and bought an iPhone. Coming from a flip phone that filled up when I reached 300 text messages, this was not a minor upgrade. It’s feeling more and more like I now have that secret beam. I’m not sad to have it, just worried I’ll start looking for all sorts of secrets in places where the best hidden gems are readily available in sight. (As apposed to in sites?)

There’s a fine line in being a phone addict that is far too easy to cross. On Friday I spent 4 hours downloading and customizing apps. Yesterday I was waving around the secret beam instead of actually talking with those around me. It wasn’t finding anything. I’m hoping this is new toy syndrome and will fade over time. I imagine it will.

But then I look at half of everyone else I know and start to worry.

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