A big thanks to the 80,000 people who visited my site in the last 2 days.


I found it odd yesterday when the amount of comments on my youtube channel jumped by close to 600%. That’s right. I got 6 comments.

Looking at the stats, I had a 2,000 person bump in the last two days,  1700 more than I was used to. I assumed someone had embedded the tutorial on their site so was surprised to see the main referrer was listed as

Heading over to my Google Analytics, I saw 25,000 people had visited here yesterday. On a normal day, I get about 30 hits.

The referring source was Stumble Upon. I headed over there, and saw 79,000 people had Stumbled me and over 5,000 people had pressed Like.

‘What the what?’ I wondered. There weren’t any major influencers. Instead, 5,000 random people and some strange algorithm brought me to their attention.

I did what I could. I saw who was talking about it on twitter and thanked them for linking. I updated my site so it had a slightly better design and added a stumble button to the bottom of it. If I want to sustain traffic like this, I just need more content.

I’d spent the day getting over being sick, mostly watching the fourth season of Parks and Rec, and this was the sort of kick in the pants I needed to get me motivated again. Which is to say, expect more content soon. Some tutorials. Some Photoshop insights. Some art things.

I have almost 80,000 people who visited my site this weekend.  Let’s see where this takes me.