State of Conservatism

This piece took a similar composition from what I had going with Prayer (below), but finally started leaving the shadow of Clive Barker and entering my own place. The photo reference I used was a photo shoot with a friend Scott taken for some storyboards was asked to do.

This is a couple months back. Someone who works at my office needed his script storyboarded that week so he could start taking it to funders. He asked if I could do it.
I said no.
He said please.
I said, You don't understand-I am physically unable to storyboard 100 pages of script in a week.
He said, It doesn't have to be perfect.
I said, ...all right.
What ended up happening was a week of scrounging around to sub contract people I found with talent, some friends, and some Craigslist people. I didn't end up doing nearly as much drawing as I'd have liked, but I learned a lot about managing others. In the end I had his storyboards in time and it was one hell of a week.
While this went on, I put my friend up for posing for some of the panels I ended up giving to others. I had some good ref, and not one to let good ref go to waste this painting came about.

Like Prayer this piece was made from left over paint while painting The Water Path. Also like prayer, I was happy how this turned out.