Recent Doodles

Not being able to sleep, I decided to write a quick post instead. Recently life's been a completely unbalanced mix of work and more work. The fact that the work consists of making animals talk, creating a parody title sequence of Cowboy Bebop, and recreating a car crash moment frozen in time is entirely beside the point. The point is that I just got out of work a half hour ago, and have managed to skip most forms of improv and figure drawing for the last three weeks. It's just not healthy going that long without doing what I draw my life force from.

With that said, I really do enjoy having an external deadline. It makes me much more productive than when I dream up my own arbitrary goals and assign funny "deadlines" to them. With others dependent, I actually need to finish, and I love that. While it might be killing me now, it's making me stronger in the long run. At least I hope so. Here's a couple of pictures, because what's a blog post without?
I don't know what this page is, but it was in my sketchbook and now it's on my blog.
Waiting to head in to a film shoot for the talking animal project I'm working on. Most others called someone and figured out the address was wrong right away. I ended up hanging out there sketching, and losing track of time, eventually finding my way to where I was supposed to go from the start.
Waiting for a live Q&A with Tarantino. 600 people in a private theater watching Inglorious Bastards followed by an interview with Tarantino for the price of nada? Worth the wait.

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