Reading is Fun!

In theory, I work as a teacher.

2,000 people a day go to my site, watch my videos, and a couple of them even pay me for it. I get questions, compliments, and comments on a daily basis. It’s a great feeling, but there’s a disconnect.

I forget that I'm helping others, and it gets hard to keep creating. Something's needed from time to time to spark inspiration.

My regular outings to a room full of business types wanting to learn about marketing or comedy types watching their 3rd show that week has become a routine. I love doing both of those things, but they're not special. One's my job and the other my hobby.

That’s why it was such an amazing feeling to head over to a good friend, Meg’s, 3rd grade classroom a couple weeks ago with Andrew, her fiancee, and read to her class.

It was National Reading Day, and Meg was under some misconception that we were doing her the favor and not the other way around.

I left the room inspired and amazed that Meg was with these kids on a daily basis, putting together a new lesson plan every day.

They hung on her every word and were fascinated by everything she threw at them. It was a great experience.

A big thanks to Meg. But also to Vanessa, Isaiah, Lindsay, Alondra, Antonio, Jade, Aiden, Jesse, Emmanuel, and everyone else in the classroom for the cards and the love.

Let's do this again soon, Meg. Art project next time?

(Images are from the cards her kids sent me, in case that wasn't clear.)