Panelfly - A Comicbook Reader for the iPhone

I could care less about most of the core abilities of the iPhone. Maps. Address book. Calender. The ability to use twitter for 20 hours a day. Couldn't care less. There are a few applications that I'd absolutely love, giving me the feeling that I live in the future and the Jetson's have nothing on me. Twitter's a great application when at large conferences such as SXSW or Comicon - where at any point you know where the flash mob is. Otherwise, it's dead to me.

Yesterday I was eating at Fresh in the Box when a song came on in the background that Sebastion wanted to know. He asked Michi, the woman who runs the place, and she didn't have a clue. One guy at the table next to us overheard, turned on his iphone, and after ten seconds told us its name and who sings it. That's amazing. The ability to take a snapshot of a font and get what it is, get better prices after grabbing a pic of a UPC, or have a lousy gps on hand at all times amaze me. There are other apps, but those are what jump out.

I know the moment I get a smart phone I'll never be able to turn back and have no idea how I lived without it.

Anyhow, Mike Warren (who I now work with), Bret Doveman (who I roomed with Freshman year), Steven Lynch (who's an incredible illustrator), and some other guy, all from Syracuse, created an app that reads comic books. I checked Panelfly out and it's really well done. It still needs a great deal of content added, but it only got released two days ago, so that comes next.

Sorry - wrong video - Watch what Panelfly can do here.