Oh. That’s Why I Don’t Watch The News.


A couple weeks ago I was in a hotel room in Tacoma on the night the police were shutting down the OWS encampment in New York City. It was around midnight, and unable to sleep, I had my laptop set to livestream where over 15,000 people watched the events take place. I had the TV news on in the background expecting one of the channels to pick up what was happening. The local news in Tacoma had an in depth piece on the weather followed by a completely unremarkable take on stem cell research. Their teaser for after the break had to do with shutting down one of Washington’s state parks.

Online I watched a crowd get angrier and angrier as they saw police rip up tents. 1000‘s of comments streamed by. Here’s a couple:

  • Purchase a gun
  • Fight fire with fire
  • These COPS need a beat down so they can learn to respect
  • Press being kept out
  • Seattle stands with you. You are being attacked because you’re having an effect. Keep it up!
  • NYPD estimates 300 ppl there?
  • Give me badge numbers, and I’ll give you addresses of where their children sleep.
  • The world is watching

On FOX News, five yutzes sat around the table rehashing a news piece 60 Minutes had broke about corruption on capitol hill.

Online the moderator kept wiping the comments, and posting “Please do not spam or promote violence,” but they kept coming:

  • MSNBC is covering police officers injured while fighting with 400+ hells angels.
  • I pray people riot

CNN showed Anderson Cooper talking about American Airlines being fined for delays.

Online call’s to action started getting posted in the form of:

  • http://www.nyc.gov/html/mail/html/mayor.html
  • NYPD: 646-610-5000
  • New York City Mayor’s Office (212) 788-7550   (212) 513-6300
  • NYC Mayor 212-639-9675
  • NYPD: 646-610-5000
  • NY Gov: (518) 474-8390
  • “In one of the first waves they gathered us here…”
  • How can you allow this police state?

I’m delighted at how the movement is now evolving to protest in front of specific homes and companies, and hope that it continues to grow. This police break up and the dozens that followed are exactly what’s needed to keep the movement growing. But that wasn’t my point. My point was, this is why only idiots watch tv news.

Image Source via Saint Huck

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