My Grand Plan for this Blog thing of Mine - Part 2

A couple entries ago I said I wanted to be a full time writer. Then I wrote a series of steps that  led to a well trodden dead end. Let me try again. I want to reach agents. Agents don’t give two shits about anyone without experience. They’ll only care about a blog if there’s a stupid amount of followers, so that makes my goal getting a  stupid amount of followers. But who cares what I have to say?

Step 4A. Refocus the Market

The one large group I’m connected to is my former students. While I never mention my blog in class, this is for students with the initiative to google-stalk me. I could care less about the others.

Step 5A. Refocus What the Target Wants

What can I give them?

  1. I’ll answer questions I couldn’t answer in class.
  2. I’ll showcase what I learned from students.
  3. I'll feature other trainers / marketers / people.
  4. I’ll talk about how I’m applying it in my own life. (for instance, this entry you’re reading)
  5. I’ll write about current events that force me to update the class.

I don’t want this to turn into another blog about social media. There is nothing I can say that Seth Godin or Chris Brogan can’t say far better than me. I get that. To be honest, I don’t expect the next 20 entries to be read by anyone. This next month is about finding my voice. Long entries? Short ones? Videos? Pictures? How personal do I get?

And even if this is another dead end, at least it’s far less trodden.