Latest Sketch Dump

A couple of experiments in this massive sketch dump. The big one is I used my camera to get the images in with no editing other then upping the contrast in an automated way in Photoshop, hoping that the quality is good enough. We'll see. A few are blurry, but they're just sketches, so that's all they deserve.

This piece and then next couple have me using vine charcoal. I feel unworthy of the medium. I want to retreat to a safe bic pen where I have total control over the form. I have no idea how to delineate muscles and the like with this, and really work into the detail. On the flip side, they look nice. I'll keep playing with them, as I'm always one for a challenge.
Proof that I need to start spending time on feet more.
Bah. Crazy distortion.
Back to the safety of pencil.

Feel I'm not pushing myself with this piece. It looks nice, but it's the same pencil approach I've been using forever. I need to focus on volume, grabbing the expressions, and smoother lines.
hands. legs. Yep - I only focus on what needs work, and I'm ok with that.
I find myself not getting the tilts, instead only do side or front views of the head. It's all about getting the shape of the skull from any angle.

Just messing around while hanging out with friends at my place. Was happy how much of the body I knew from memory. Guess figure drawing is teaching me something after all.
Again, just messing around.

a 1 minute quick sketch.
Pushing the distortion on it, thought I was craning my neck while drawing it.

No. Her head was not that big in real life, thanks for asking.

Been laying out the Noumonon pages last day or two. It's going-still plenty of kinks to work out.
Need to know the torso better. And by 'need,' I mean it's yet one more way of avoiding getting far more pressing work done.
Wanted to see if I could shade a half way decent cylinder. Still not happy with the side facing us.

And thus concludes my post of hating on my work. I'm proud of far I've come since even three months ago, but know just how much further I need to go. And nothing but excessive drawing will get me there.