I just shot a short film


I’ll post more about the short film when we finish editing it, but just wanted to post up a couple of pictures. As a little back story, I’m working with a group at my theater, WCT, to create monthly short videos. Sometimes they go well. Sometimes they don’t. This would be an example of the latter. I got to the location and was the first one there. The person who was supposed to star ended up not showing up due to a hangover. Worse, he was the one with keys to the law firm where we were supposed to shoot.

We had the lighting equipment, camera, sound stuff, and people (well, there were only 4 of us - but still) for the day, and couldn’t not shoot. We ended up shooting instead at Marc’s apartment.


My responsibility was supposed to be holding the boom mic. But when the main guy didn’t show up, I got the lead. Which meant on the car ride from the original shoot to my house (where I changed into a suit, and shaved from massive side burns with a lot of scruff to a uniform beard) to Marc’s apartment I was supposed to learn my lines.


I imagine someone who’s been acting on a regular basis would have no problem with this. It was all of 6 pages of fairly simple dialogue. But line memorization is not my strong suit, to put it lightly, so instead, I spent the time between takes memorizing the last two lines.


I’m sure the next shoot will go better. And who knows? This might even still turn out.


But I wouldn’t bet on it.


I’m looking forward to the next shoot where we’ll probably be doing my own script.

Worst case scenario? We use this as a benchmark from which we drastically improve.

Expect a guest post from Elaine when this thing is done - for the real story of the sweat and tears that went behind this.

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