How to make a movie for $7,000

I just finished reading Rebel without a Crew: Or How a 23-Year-Old Filmmaker With $7,000 Became a Halloywood Player. After spending ungodly amounts of time working on a number of far, far worse movies with budgets literally two orders of magnitude higher, it's inspiring to see how Rodriguez pulled this off. It was one of the more inspiring books I've read in a while, showing exactly what level of drive is needed to pull this feat off. There was the repeated 12 hour spans locked in a room editing, unable to leave due to a motion sensor alarm system. There was the medical experiments he put himself through to fund it. The shear gall of how he worked the camera, the lights, the actors, and the locations made for a fascinating read.
He had great pieces of advice, such as Waiting is what kills the momentum of most films. He harped on being your own DP and learning the entire pipeline, knowing the technical side of every step. He railed on the lazy union workers and why everything is made so expensive. He made it seem like an accomplishable feat, assuming a total dedication and the expectation of doing it for practice. For those too lazy to read the book, here's the video version in 14 minutes, which is almost as good.