Face Morphs

Doing what I do best, I'm currently in the thralls of delaying getting any real work done. Apparently there was an internet meme for a while that completely passed me by: face morphs. In no other form have a seen a better example showcasing the difference between facial structures. As someone frequently sketching faces of all sorts, it's fascinating to watch the changes in the cheekbones, the space between the eyebrows, the slant of the eyes, the size relation between skull and face, the five places on a nose that are different from person to person and a slew of a dozen or so other features juxtaposed. While I was aware the differences existed and have studied them a lot, seeing them like this really puts the differences in a new and fascinating light.

I ended up watching a bunch of these. Time well spent. Face structure are so cool.

And now to spend the next 12 hours rotoscoping.