Dr. Sketchy's Redux

Figure drawing puts me at peace. For one reason or another I was out of it all day today, but heading to Dr. Sketchy's set me back in place.
Drawing calms me. It's my prayer, my meditation.
The free hot dogs (with vegetarian option, no less) as well as open bar were both nice touches, even if I ended up only getting water in an effort to stay sharp when drawing.
Everyone from Gary Baseman to James Jean was there, which also tickled my fancy. Bob, the guy running it, talked about half a dozen art books and gallery's during the breaks, and half the artists talked about were there.
This is in addition to a trapeze artist modeler who's 1 to 5 minute poses all took place six feet from the floor on these curtains suspended from the ceiling for that very reason.
I'm in a good place. I wish my drawing's came out better, but I was happy when we were given a 5 minute warning on a 20 pose, and I said, "Really?" surprised we had as much time as we did. Either I'm getting faster or I need to rethink my technique. Next time I'll try experimenting with charcoal on larger paper. Have to keep things interesting. I've been playing with pencils for far too long.
What I love most is the feeling of a community building. It's a community I plan to be a part of. I did mean to take a camera so I could take pictures like Mark Berry. Next time.
Also, you know you're a part of something special when a film crew for some Japanese What's Happening in LA show comes through with camera and interviewer in stow.