Dead Pterodactyl

I'm going be honest. Nothing screams awesome more then getting paid to paint in bloody dinosaurs. It was nice comparing notes at the end of the day with my girlfriend who raises funds for homeless shelters.

"So what did you do today?"
"Oh, me? I worked to get funding for a new program that would help over a 1000 families a year get back on track. It's looking like it will go through. What about you?"
"I painted bloody dinosaurs."
Yep. I win. Dinosaurs trump all.

The before image. I was told-make it dead and little else.

So I came out with this. Then I was told it was killed by an arrow, not an animal attack so I had to scale it back a bit.

I had Andrew reposition the model, and ended up with this. Clearly not my best work, but good fun all the same. It was held on screen for far longer then I thought justifiable, but who am I to argue?