Dave McKean Artist Profile

I recently discovered that one of my all time favorite artists, Dave McKean, despite not having a website, does have a twitpic feed. While I'm not much a twitter user, knowing there's a place where he posts his latest works left me in awe, so I thought I'd share them all with you. Pictures are all from Dave McKean's twitpic feed.

With over 1500 posts, I'm not sure why he only has 10,000 followers. Must still be a bit of a secret. If you insist on heading to a traditional website, the official one for him is DaveMckean.com, but I'd suggest heading to the fan operated McKean Art site. Also, if you like his style, check out Allen Spiegel Fine Art, the agency that represents him. All of the artists there, from Kent Williams to Thom Ang to George Pratt are stunning. I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'm a bit obsessed with the guy, and I'm still reeling from the one time I got to meet him. I garauntee this isn't the last you'll here about Dave McKean on this blog.