Chris Dorr on Marketing Indie Movies

I went to see Chris Dorr give a talk on promoting indie films and projects through social media. Here's a collection of my notes from that talk with helpful links throughout.

He stressed the importance of having a strong database of followers, and how important it is to grow that over time. Independent artists can literally support themselves off of 1,000 true fans. Kevin Kelly goes into how with 1,000 fans you can support yourself for life.

Broken down by Industry:

Film maker,  Ed Burns created a movie for $9,000 and this is how he successfully promoted his independent movie through social media.

Indiegame: The Movie have an amazing case study of how they made their film profitable also through social media channels.

Musician, Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter Campaign  has a great case study that notably led to this controversy.

Jeff Gomez talks about being a transmedia producer.

Nick Kristof talks about how to market in the modern era for charity causes.

Clay Shirky gave a TED Talk on how the Internet will (one day) transform government:

"The digital revolution is almost as disruptive to the traditional media business as electricity was to the candle business."

-Ken Auletta

He ended with some film organizations to help with Funding and for support in the San Francisco Area:

Nothing revolutionary, but a good collection of examples worth sharing, and more importantly, an excuse to share my endless sketches done with my trusty Bic.

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