Barry Blitt

I'm always struck by artists able to survive on the strength of their personality. Barry Blitt is one such artist, able to wrench out the controversial heart of the matter with each piece. He doesn't go for fancy techniques, merely enough information to get the subject across. I met him once when he came to give a speech at Syracuse. Over lunch he didn't stop sketching. Here's a sketch he did of me:

Here's another of Hilary Clinton.

Here's the piece that made him headline news for a couple weeks.

Here's a couple others.

When he did the portrait of me, I wasn't happy with how he saw me, but it came out as true. I was sure others saw me in exactly that way. I had to face that fact and overcome it, which gives me so much respect for Barry Blitt. I can't think of a higher compliment to pay an artist. He made me reconsider the way things were. I used to write off artists with as simplistic of a style as his, but the more I learn, the more respect I have for the guy and I'm glad he's given the New Yorker cover as often as he is.

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